Teachers Write – Assignment #1 – June 4th

I created this blog to reflect on my practice. And, although I got off to a great start last fall, I just didn’t keep it up. I’ve decided that I’m going to join Kate Messner’s Teachers Write Blog and use it as motivation to keep me doing what I want to do this summer–write! So, what better way to keep me on track, than to post it here for others to read?

She started June 4th, so I’m ten days behind already, but I’m going to jump right in. I’ll catch up a bit, and skip over some of the first things but from tomorrow on I’d like to complete the daily assignments/tasks. Tonight, I’m doing the first assignment from June 4th, hence the title, because it was all about making plans to write.

I’m planning to write when I first get up. Last summer I went to the gym, but this summer I’ve got a different plan for exercise and I’m going to enjoy writing over my first cup of coffee. I’m going to commit to at least 20 minutes, and if it ends up that I spend hours writing, so be it. If the weather is nice, I’ll write on my back deck. If I have to write inside the house, I’ll sit at the kitchen table if I have the main floor to myself and I’ll retreat to the office when I have company. Of course it won’t work out as simple as this every single day, and for the eight week days I still have that pesky work thing to do, but it’s a solid plan and I’ll work with it.


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