Teacher’s Write 2014 – Assignment #1

I’m going to give Teacher’s Write another try. I’m betting that I’ll make it past assignment one this year. Today’s assignment was to go outside and write about your surroundings, basically a sensory paragraph. Read the assignment for yourself here http://www.katemessner.com/teachers-write-7714-mini-lesson-monday-you-come-too/#comment-69630 if you’d like. Here is my response to it:

I retreat to the front porch for a little bit of time that is all my own. I breathe deeply, the kind of fresh air that has been cleansed by a summer rain, cool and earthy, refreshing after a warm and humid day. It is eerily quiet on Thomas Court tonight. I live on the lucky side of the street. Most of my neighbours have been without power for more than sixty hours. Next to me hums the electric cooler that hold the contents of my neighbour’s refrigerator. Besides the cooler’s fan, the only noise I hear is the sound of the occasional car that passes by. Wet tires on the pavement sound like pulling sticky taffy off a hard surface. Although I cannot see them, I can hear the whir of the cars that are passing by my court, not needing to turn this way. It seems that even the birds are quiet tonight and the air is still, in stark contrast to what was experienced during Saturday’s hurricane. Just the very tip tops of the trees are quivering, almost imperceptibly. The glow of dusk makes the colours more vibrant and everything has about it that calm after the storm feeling and I have to remind myself to breathe. Finally, a lone bird sings a small and cheerful song, reminding me that even in this stillness there is other life besides my own. Then I realize that I’ve been rubbing my feet over my calves, protecting myself from both real and imaginary mosquitos. I want to prolong my stay outside but must protect myself from being bitten and reluctantly retreat back inside.


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2 responses to “Teacher’s Write 2014 – Assignment #1

  1. craigyen

    Thanks for sharing your experience. I hope that everyone is okay and that the power is restored soon. I too hate those little mosquitoes and itched when you wrote about them.

  2. Hi there!
    I think my favorite line is “I live on the lucky side of the street.” I wanted to read that line again. Happy writing this summer!

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