But underneath that…

Monday Morning Warm-up:

The Rosie Project
This story is about a socially awkward middle-aged man with Aspergers searching for a wife.
But underneath that, it’s a story about a one man’s need to love and be loved, just like everybody else.

My work–the story of Janelle Grace
This story is about a girl who wants to change her life, but she has many obstacles to overcome and her newly over-protective mother, who has recently decided to become a parent now that she is in a 12-step program and putting her own wreck of a life back together.
But underneath that, it’s a story about a girl and her single mom who both have the inner strength to overcome every obstacle that life presents.

Writing Assignment:

For today’s writing assignment, here’s a list of writing projects I’d like to explore, as though I have unlimited time and energy:

  • A novel, my working title is Janelle Grace, that’s the protagonists name (see above)
  • I’d like to write a blog post for the nerdy book club (I’ve applied)
  • A series of children’s picture books about Great Canadians.
  • An anthology of poetry
  • I’d like to write an article for a professional journal
  • I’d like to write a book about teaching reading to high schoolers

This list is as exhaustive as I can make right now without making stuff up. I’ve already decided that I’m starting with the novel because it really does scare me the most and would likely leave me feeling accomplished whether or not it gets published. I think the reason that it scares me the most is because of the length, the job is so big and overwhelming that it makes getting started the hardest part. I was about to write that I’ve always dreamt of becoming a published novelist, however this is a dream that has evolved during the last ten years of my life. In fact, if you had told me when I was a teenager or young twenty-something that I’d ever aspire to write a novel, I would have told you that you were wrong.

The next part of the assignment is to write the dedication of my novel, so here it is:

For Mom and Savanna. Mom, thanks for being everything that Janelle’s mother was not. Savanna, thanks for being the first to give me the experience of being a mother and for using all that ‘hip lingo’ and having a few quirky sayings of your own from which I borrowed liberally.


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